After having a source for 100HP Vector rails fall through, project plans have shifted from working on a second 6U rack to tackling something stupidly practical: making a custom snake / interface for the basement. The space between the patchbays and the desk where the ‘racks will reside is separated by a cement pond about ten feet in length. To run the cabling neatly we’re looking at upwards of twenty-ish feet.

Once I finally get a table vice installed on the workbench, I’m going to get right on machining holes into the housing of an old oven thermometer read-out and on a 1U blank panel. The point of this all is going to be using a 25’ DB25 cable to connect a run of 12 1/4″ jacks, mounted in the 1U blank to a slew of 1/4″ and 1/8″ jacks mounted in the aforementioned ‘housing. It’ll be tasteful and functional. I’ll be throwing the ‘housing as far towards the desk as I can and likely wall-mounting it for posterity. Running cabling from the desk to the nearest wall is far less intrusive than a myriad of cables across the sea between the work-spaces.

Two great things, one great package.