Between being hopelessly addicted to watching ‘The Twilight Zone’ on Netflix, attending the 2011 WizardWorld Comic Convention and being a working stiff… I haven’t had a whole lot of time to tackle the projects I keep promising. While my workbench is still too cluttered to be functional (and I’m still lacking the much-needed table vice to do anything ‘fun’)I got sick of being unable to play with my modular setup so I pulled off a little magic in my off-hours.
Four channel snake

What you see on the right is a nifty four channel snake I whipped up over the course of a boring Sunday. It’s self explanatory – four male TS ends terminate at four male TS ends.  They’re really only used for moving sounds from one desk to the other.

So while they are less ‘awesome’ than the modular snake design I originally promised – it is far simpler, more practical and (drum roll please):

It just works. 

I ran it through a few tests last night and all four channels work. I still have a bit of wiring to do for the patch bay, though. Since the space I’m working in now is drastically different than my old location (see: the weird ‘L’ shaped brick in Tetris for structural similarities) I had to make different decisions as to ‘what goes where’.

The best stuff is always within arms reach, though. Oh Filterbank 2 and Evolver – you’ll always be my babies.