First – the goods. Somebody has remixed a video that some ‘Wigglers and I did back in June into… a Gas-X commercial. I didn’t even know this existed until I spotted it on MatrixSynth. Here’s the link to Matrix’s post – it includes both the original video and the remix.

Second – an explanation. Over the last year a number of MuffWiggler members have piped up as being from the Minneapolis area and for a dozen of us, we hold regular meetings called ‘Geek Meets’.  These ‘Meets usually feature everyone bringing some gear to play with. Sometimes we Wiggle* more than others and the best of times feature an integration between all of our equipment making beeps and producing a fantastic show of blinkenlights.

Back in June I accidentally stumbled upon a ‘fart sound’ by sequencing the Rate of my flight of Harmony ‘Sound of Shadows’. Since a few of us had iDevices or handheld video recorders – this was documented… and now it’s been remixed into the Gas-X bit you saw above.

For posterity, here’s another video we did of modular farts.

This is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever stumbled upon. I’m surprised and flattered by all of this. When I first saw that people found the ‘Fart Videos’ amusing, I was pleased. To see somebody go through the time to incorporate them into a remix – that warrants a happy dance.

I guess my new mission is explore the last frontier of modular synthesis – bodily sounds.

Capt. Erik Tinberg