I’ve been a fan of Propellerhead Software since 2001. I remember Reason before all you kids had the incredible Thor synthesizer, before you could collapse entire setups with the Combinator, before you could conveniently split CV or audio sources with the Spiders and even before the Maelstrom or NN-XT made their appearances.

And outside of Reason 3 (I strongly believe that the Combinator, for all the cable-spaghetti it helped organize) – Reason 6 is the largest update to date. As a Reason / Record Duo owner (translation: I was kind of suckered into buying Record – which was made obsolete with Reason 6 integrating all it’s feature-set) I qualified for the ‘Pay What You Want’ promotion that the Propellerheads announced a few days ago… and as of a few hours ago, it has gone live.

I’m currently wrapping up the installation of Reason 6.01. While the Gator could be interesting – I’m far more interested in the Pulveriser* and the Echo. One look through the Circuit Bends or Modular sections above should give you a good idea what I’m interested in: distortion and noise.

Well – it’s time to restart computer (which I’ve called ‘Bad-Ass Mother 3000’ for years – see Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Season 1, Episode 16 for the reference) and see what these new toys can do.

The splash screen displayed after a successful installation of Reason 6.01

Restart? Absotively!

*their typo, not mine.