New Years 2011 collage

Since I was too busy fighting my growing addiction to Skyrim to post an update during any of the holidays (that we’ve now passed – thank Cthulhu) – this is what you get, ‘World. Here’s a bit of the news from my corner of the basement.

I’ve now taken on a real job – doing  programming, computer and network support for a small, locally-owed company. On the programming side, I add new new functions and maintain a number of in-house developed systems that we use for everything from point-of-sale transactions to inventory management. Most of what we do is written in PHP and interfaces with a MySQL database – which have given me a wonderful opportunity to both learn a new programming language and use what I learned in college.

It’s also refreshing (see: amazing) to work for a company that fairly rewards their employees, both monetarily and emotionally. Not only can I finally afford to survive (see: pay my bills) and actually work towards securing a better financial future (see: actually maintaining a proper savings account and I keep hearing about a ‘401k’ in my future…) but to also be able to spend money on toys. Toys like these.

Make Noise 'Pressure Points' / 'Analog Memories' at night.

What you see to the right is a pair of Make Noise Pressure Points and Analog Memories. Just off camera is the control of it all, the Brains.  When the opportunity to own all these in one fell swoop presented itself to me – I couldn’t say no. Prior to having these beauties in the rack (sidenote: I am entirely out of room in the new 6u, so they currently live in the original 6u suitcase I built) I had a limited number of CV sources – doubly so for sequenced CV sources. With these additions not only do I have eight rows of eight-step CV sequences available, but I also have the performance options made possible with the Pressure and Gate outputs on each Pressure Points channel. So it can crawl through a sequence and spit out rhythmic voltages or it can be a tactile interface. And this is all expanded on with some of the additional features of the Brains – like the ability to change direction of the sequence or have physical input synced to a secondary clock (the esoteric ‘T-Clock’ intput – see the manual for more information).

The other big news from the job  (and synthesizer) frontier is that I’m the Website Administrator for Flight of Harmony. Or rather, I’ve been the admin since about the middle of November. After over a month of working on cleaning up the website (wax on / wax off) – I’m now pleased with it enough to shout my position from the mountain tops. I’d like to personally thank Kevin of Flight of Harmony for allowing me this opportunity. As a fan of his work for almost two years (who badgered Analog Haven for a Sound of Shadows when they were first released? This guy) – I’m  honored to be a part of ‘Harmony.

Oh – and here’s the photo from the New Years 2011 collage without all the crap in it – just so you can see the full 6u. I’m looking at adding some small rails mounted perpendicular to the bottom rail, adding (roughly) 6u of 10hp along the bottom of the case.

Full-up 6u at night.