Though it has been over a year since the last update to this site, I wanted to take this time to clarify the status of my mortal existence (see: not dead) and provide a brief over-view of things that have occurred (of relevance to my noise-making habits). As of October, I’ve been serving as a Beta Tester for Circuit Abbey – this entails getting hands-on with prototype modules and providing feedback in the development as well as shooting demonstration videos for modules in the Circuit Abbey line. As of current, the videos that I’ve shot are:

I’m also planning out some additional demonstration videos for the Flight of Harmony line as well, namely of the Plague Bearer and the Sound of Shadows (given that I did a pretty good job covering the IMP with this video).

I’ve also ended up building another Eurorack case – this time inside of an old saxophone case and re-doing all the hardware of my second suitcase – for which I’d like to expressly thank John of Pulp Logic for his assistance. I ended up fitting the rails for his 1u ‘Lunchbox’ system into the original case and he provided all of the hardware for the saxophone case. Also – the list of new modules is tremendous – and perhaps on some rainy day (or snowy day, given that it’s mid-April and we’re still suffering from Winter – grr) I’ll update the module listings and reviews.
But for now, enjoy these pictures of the new cases while I return to making more bleeps, boops and fart sounds.