After a good six-year run of inactivity, I decided to kick the tires, choke the carburetor and pull the starter cord on this website. As the engine gasps for life, I will attempt to briefly list and describe all that has changed:

  • The collection of Eurorack-format modular synthesizers grew to a maximum capacity about two years ago – culminating in two custom cases. Both involved hardware from Pulp Logic and custom acrylic by Bryan Benting. I still have the number of custom cases that I had previously built, though one of them is now used by my partner for her video-focused Eurorack-format modular synthesizer.
  • The rate at which I accumulated Eurorack format modules quickly outpaced my ability to maintain individual pages for them. I’ll likely be sunsetting that idea and instead linking to pages on ModularGrid with my current system layouts.
  • Over the last four years, my partner and I attended KnobCon, a synthesizer convention in Illinois. For two years I organized an all-volunteer operated performance space that brought together a wide variety of auditory and visual voices.
  • My first post-collegiate job was for a local grocer where I helped develop their point-of-sales system as well as their inventory and ordering systems. During my time of employment, I had to learn additional programming languages and gain a deeper understanding of database applications – an experience I greatly appreciated.
  • I am now employed as a Junior Developer at a company developing solutions within the affordable housing market – something I feel quite strongly about.