The ‘IMP‘ module from Flight of Harmony is a drone generating, 28.8kbps-baud-modem screeching, demonic caterwauling module adapted from the oscillator core of the Infernal Noise Machine, named the IMP. What makes the IMP special is in it’s non-traditional design. Most traditional oscillators start with a waveform (like a sawtooth, sine or triangle wave) and apply modulation (like a noise source, for example) against the initial waveform to create more complicated waveforms. The IMP, however, starts with a noise source and uses the waveform as a modulator – creating tones far stranger than fiction.

IMP module, Escape from Noise editionThings become stranger as the resulting waveform is filtered through one of eight selectable frequency ranges, split into two Banks (High and Low) and four Domains (One, Two, Three and Four). In each Bank, Domain Four features access to the lowest amount of sonic frequencies while Domain One features access to the highest. In the High Bank, Domain One is high enough to serve as a dog whistle for Cerebus while in the Low Bank, Domain One serves as a nice source for a stomach-rumbling bass-line. Conversely – in the High Bank, Domain Four sounds similar to a murder of upset fax machines while in the Low Bank, Domain Four is useful as a CV source – as it produces sub-audible noise with spikes similar to DC voltage bursts.

With all Flight of Harmony products – the sweet spots are where it shines. I’ve been able to coax some fantastic percussive material out of the Second Domain in the High Bank by giving the CV inputs a bit of love. For more information on the IMP – please check out the product page on Flight of Harmony’s website (which I had a hand in – see if you can spot the similarities in humor) as well as gander at the manual for the INM for a better explanation of the IMP core.

Also – this variant of the IMP is based off the limited-edition available exclusively through Escape From Noise. If you live outside of the United States, please place your order through them. If you live within the United States, please contact them and let them know that you live ‘Stateside, as Flight of Harmony has a few reserved units and (if possible) will try to save you a few bucks on shipping and do it nationally.