The Atoner is an oscillator and pitch-shifter by 4ms Pedals.
4ms Pedeals "Atoner"
The Atoner is based around the ability to shift the frequency content of source material – be it the internal oscillator or external sound sources. When the source material contains frequencies above the range set the Position knob, the offending frequencies are harmonically shifted down into the position domain.

The Vary 1 and Vary 2 CV inputs allow for control voltages to modulate the Frequency knob. A mixture of the input control voltages is also output at the CV Mix jack. Combined with the Clock Out jack, the Atoner makes a nifty voltage source. However, there is hidden fun on the smooth backside of the unit.

Now documented in the manual, there is a 10-pin header that allows for Clock division selection or a duplicate of the output (pre-Tone and Level adjustement) to be sent to the Clock Out jack. The honkin’ knob resting between my Level and Freq. Osc knobs is a 1-pole, 12-position (with a stop nut on the 5th position) rotary switch donated to me by ‘Flight.

Parts used in the modification were:

Given the chance to do it again, I’d opt in a miniature Greyhill switch, as it got a bit tricky to work the Lorin switch in there.

Also, the Level and Freq. Osc knobs were modified when I received the unit, but they are 100k potentiometers. I don’t have any additional information on them, apologies.

Big thanks to Kevin from Flight of Harmony for the Lorin switch and 4ms Pedals for their help with the mod!