WMD Devices "Geiger Counter"

The Geiger Counter is a bit-crushing, sample-rate-reduction *and* waveshaping module by WMD. Screaming out of Colorado, the Geiger Counter gently enhance the tone of your source material, or completely destroy it.

The main reason I opted for the Eurorack variant of the ‘Counter is additional control. With added CV control over the Sample Rate, Bit Depth and Wavetable, most of the chaos is controllable. All of the aformentioned inputs also have attenuators, which is a great feature.

A little known fun-fact about the ‘Couner is that you can use it to process CV as well as audio! If you’ve ever wanted to spice up your sine waves with a degree of unpredictability, run your CV voltage into the Input of the ‘Counter, and the Output is the processed result. Twiddle the knobs (namely Gain, Tone, Sample Rate, Bit Depth and Wavetable) to your dirty little mind’s content!

I currently have one demonstration video in my YouTube channel, with hopes (and dreams) for more.