4ms Pedals "Noise Swash"The Noise Swash is a noise maker, audio processor and a control-voltage generator by 4ms Pedals.

If you’ve ever wanted to spice up a drum loop, craft hair-raising sounds to punctuate a score or add chaotic (but repeating) control voltages to vary up arrangements – the ‘Swash is ready to serve. At the center of the ‘Swash is… the ‘Swash. As the source of everything, 4ms Pedeals installed a 10-turn Bournes knob.With even the slightest turn,the screams of the ‘Swash are transformed.

For greater control over the ‘Swash, there are CV inputs to influence the Mood and the ‘Swash. Voltage applied to the Mood input will alter the bias point of the ‘Swash. The ‘Swash CV input is bi-polar; positive voltage influences the connection between Tone and Noise Gait while negative voltage influences the ‘Swash knob. For extra screams, the ‘Swash is wired for self-oscillation as well as input and output clipping.

For shaping the ‘Swash, there is a Noise Gait and a sweepable non-resonant filter. In the spirit of circuit bending, there is even an option to decrease voltage from the circuit – ensuring all sorts of squealches.

Defining the ‘Swash is an impossible task – and I suggest anyone interested to read the manual written by 4ms Pedals to get a rough idea of what this creature is capable of.