Flight of Harmony 'Plague Bearer'The Plague Bearer is a distortion / waveshaping / filtering / noisy thing by Flight of Harmony.

Like the Hydra – the Plague Bearer is a many-headed beast.

Capable of frequency filtering, waveform distortion, self-oscillation or any combination there-of, the Plague Bearer is a multi-function device like none-other. Fans of the Plague Bearer will often state that ‘one is never enough.’ When I was deciding what my next module would be, I decided to pursue a dual edition of the Eurorack Plague Bearer.

After exchanging a few emails with ‘Flight, he agreed to fashion one up for me. What returned to me a week or two later was what you see to your right. For a few months there we discussions between my friends and I as to if the blood was real.

At the Trash_Audio 9 event in April of 2011, Scott Jaeger (The Harvestman) informed me that the blood on the panel is actually the blood of Kevin from flight of harmony. When I returned home I sent off an email to Kevin and confirmed that yes – the panel is adorned with Kevin’s very DNA under a clear top-coat.