Flight of Harmony "Sound of Shadows"The Sound of Shadows is a delay module by flight of harmony.

It is built upon the PT2399 IC, a “basic (but very cool!)”circuit typically used in karaoke machines. If you are looking for a delay with tempo-sync’ing, lengthy delay times or one to use in Karplus-Strong Synthesis, look elsewhere.

The Sound of Shadows excels at quirky behavior, sputtering noise if the clock rate is set exceptionally low and zipping back to life when increased. Feedback can be applied to taste, ranging from standard repetitions to screaming feedback loops.

What really sets the ‘Shadows apart is the ability to patch other effects into the delay path. The ‘Shadows features four outputs, Clean, Delay, Mix (adjustable with a wet/dry knob) and VCA (mixed signal with volume control). With a connection from the Delay output sent to another device with the return coming back into the Insert jack, filtered delay lines are a possible.

I plan to do a demonstration video for the ‘Shadows in the future. Stay tuned!