The Harvestman 'Tyme Sefari'The Tyme Sefari is an 8-bit delay / one-shot sample player crafted by the Harvestman.

Featuring adjustable sample frequency, feedback (both positive and negative) and loop start / end times, the ‘Sefari lends itself well to strange, short delay lines or glitchy motions.

Choose which way you swing – you can toggle between forwards and backwards sample playback. And all of the aformentioned features (with the exception of feedback amount) respond to CV control.

An optional addition to the ‘Sefari is “A Sound of Thunder”, a series of switches that serve to ‘circuit bend’ the behavior of the unit.

I currently have no demonstration videos of the ‘Sefari, but Kent has recorded a fantastic one.

Edit: I’ve since received the an upgrade to my Tyme Sefari, which adds the following features:

  • Upgraded components resulting in ‘improved audio fidelity’ and ‘improved loop stability’.
  • The addition of a Feedback In jack.

I highly recommend that any owner of an original ‘Sefari contact The Harvestman for the upgrade. The following is a SoundCloud demonstration of some of the new capabilities of the upgraded ‘Sefari.
Updated Tyme Sefari Test by SignalFlowOnline