TipTop Audio "Z-DSP"The Z-DSP is a digital signal processor by TipTop Audio.

Running on IC’s from Spin Semiconductors, the Z-DSP is a signal processor capable of being almost anything. Featuring a front-loading card slot, the Z-DSP assumes funtionality from an input program card. There are two professional produced cards available; Dragonfly Delay and Bat Filter. Each card features eight ‘programs’, those of assorted delays and filters – respectively.

With the recent release of Numberz, a USB device capable of writing to Z-DSP compatible EEPROM cartridges, the functionality of the Z-DSP just grew ten-fold.

How? Since the Z-DSP runs on SpinASM, the existing program library alone provides more than a dozen usual suspects. There is also a thriving community and programs designed specifically for the Z-DSP have been contributed from notable Euro-rack developers.  Josh from Malekko Heavy Industries contributed a Reverse Reverb program and rumor persists that Scot Jaeger from The Harvestman is potentially playing with one.

I’m looking forward to purchasing my own Numberz unit and seeing what strange tones I can coax out of the beast.